Shawn Mathews – Next To Me (2020)

Shawn Mathews introduced us to his romantic vibes with the acoustic soundscape of ‘Wanna Be’. These vibes continue with the longing soaked ‘Next To Me’. The bedroom sounds of the single fuse with the yearning of the lyrics as they touch on the longing to have someone special physically next to you.

The romantic vibes of the single are wrapped in chilled feelings as you sink into a mellow mood. The almost pensive setting of the track combines with a catchy chorus for some old record store vibes. A step away from the acoustic sounds of ‘Wanna Be’, the single continues the authentic and raw vibes Mathews created while moulding them into something more.

‘Next To Me’ opens with a progressive rolling melody that gives way to some great beats. The indie flow of the music has an honest feeling to it while filling you with some romantic vibes. These vibes are skillfully created as they roll through you with a smooth RnB flow while lifting your mood. The good vibes of the track are woven into a light sense of longing that comes through in the rise and fall of the music. The different melodic elements bring their own vibes that fuse into a sublime whole.

Mathews’ vocals have an honest authenticity to them as he calls out for someone special. As he works through the lyrics, he fills you with various emotions. The initial call for someone special is tempered by a sense of self-worth. There is a very mellow flow to his performance that offers a chilled vibe that covers the romantic flows of the melody.

Shawn Mathews has you moving to his romantic vibes in the mellow flows of ‘Next To Me’. The yearning for someone special that comes through in the vocals is tempered with a sense of self-worth. There is a catchy chorus that you will want to sing along to as you float on the mellow waves of the melody.

Find out more about Shawn Mathews on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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