JMoneyCo – Cash Talk (2020)

Are you looking for a song that you can vibe to when chilling and groove to in livelier moments? JMoneyCo has created just what you need with his single ‘Cash Talk’. This feel-good track offers chilled vibes with an upbeat nature wrapped in feelings of opulence and luxury. It is a great way to start the day or decompress when you feel stressed.

When JMoneyCo first wrote the single, it didn’t really inspire him. This changed when he hit the studio and started recording with the song coming to life. Infused with passion and style, it offers the best of rap, pop and hip-hop.

JMoneyCo opens ‘Cash Talk’ with some relaxed and smooth vocals. The opening vocals are a luxurious melodic slide that fills you with relaxed vibes. This easily transitions into a flowing rap that gets your shoulders moving. There is a lush vibe to the vocals that you bop to whether he is rapping or hitting you with smooth melodic flows. The single really showcases his range and the passion he has to offer. The chorus is super catchy and you feel the urge to sing along.

Below his vocals is a rich melody that mixes hip-hop beats and some pop sensibilities. The piano line that dances around the moving beats brings a chilled opulence that lets you relax. The bass that thrums through the lower levels hits you with an upbeat vibe that touches the lively moments in the best way.

JMoneyCo has you chilling to his vibe while getting down to the livelier tones of ‘Cash Talk’. Using a melody full of opulent piano lines, thrumming bass and danceable beats, he helps you relax and feel good. His vocals move smoothly through an amazing range from sliding rap to melodic flows.

Find out more about JMoneyCo on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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