K. Sofia – La La La Lie (2020)

Being lied to and tricked never feels good, but that moment when you finally figure out what has been happening does. The wave of emotions that come with this form the basis of ‘La La La Lie’ by K. Sofia. A dreamy psychological warfare anthem, the track looks at laughing, learning and growing from the experience as you let out a deep breathe and move on.

This sarcastic and triumphant anthem comes from Josh (vocals, ukulele) and Jordan (synth, drums, backing vocals). The pair met on an online music forum as kids and formed a band. They have been playing together ever since and this is just their latest project.

‘La La La Lie’ opens with some dreamy synths filled with a floating feeling. The light pulses of the melody have a slight 80s touch, but the haunting upper layer brings a contemporary edge. The dreamscape of the music swells on the chorus for a questioning tone. The melody has an interesting vibe that makes you feel like you are in that hazy moment of floating realisation just before reality hits. This feeling is created by the richness of the music which picks up in the latter half of the single for a paced movement.

The dreaminess of the single is enhanced by the vocals. There is a hazy layer over Josh’s vocals that make them seem like they are floating to you through a misty veil. The vibrations that are added later in the track add to the dreaminess. While soaked in a dreamy performance, the lyrics are relatable and flow through a range of emotions. They take you through the realisation that you have been lied to followed by a questioning of self before taking you on a journey of growth and shedding of the bad experience.

K. Sofia inundates you with dreamy tones as they capture the moment of figuring out you have been lied to and tricked in ‘La La La Lie’. The dreamy soundscape is covered in rich synths that swell as the vocals lead you through an emotional journey. Josh’s vocal performance enhances the dreamscape of the single while washing you with a sense that you will get over this.

Find out more about K. Sofia on their Instagram and Spotify.  

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