John Long – Only Limit Is You (2021)

While there are many obstacles and challenges life throws at us, there are other times when the only thing holding us back is ourselves. During these times, we all need a bit of encouragement and that is exactly what John Long offers in ‘Only Limit Is You’. As he acknowledges that we are holding ourselves back, the music surges through you and encourages you to break the limitations you have created.

No newcomer to the music scene, Long pours his passion and personal experiences into his music. He started playing music at age 10 and was part of American Idol in 2012. Since then, he has been featured on YouTube channels and local radio stations, while producing his own material. Emotive and powerful, he brings the highs and lows of life to sonic glory, while encouraging us to fight through the darkness and into the light.

The piano notes that open ‘Only Limit Is You’ combine with the higher electronic tones that twinkle above your head. These two lines come together for a slightly euphoric feeling that inserts the first tendrils of encouragement and upliftment into your chest. As the single progresses, the music bursts with sparkling encouragement that pushes you to chase your dreams. The interplay between electronic and organic tones is perfectly balanced, allowing each to add their own mark to the overall melody. Later in the track, there is a gentle reach outward through the melody that is beautiful and has waves of glittering hope and light crashing through your senses.

While the melody brings the first touches of encouragement, it is the vocals that really give you the push you need. Long highlights the doubts that other people instil in us and how we twist this into limitations that we set for ourselves. As he draws you to the chorus, he encourages us to let go of these limits before he announces that he believes in all of us. For many people, this is just what they need to hear to push through the obstacles they face in life. The empowerment that has been artfully woven into his performance has you thinking that he is right and you can do anything. If you are ever feeling down, this is the song you need to listen to.

John Long artfully builds a font of strength, empowerment and encouragement through the sparkling and uplifting tones of ‘Only Limit Is You’. The melody brings the first touch of encouragement that is enhanced by Long’s vocal performance. Through the lyrics, he acknowledges the limitations we put on ourselves, encourages us to break them, and ultimately achieve our dreams.

Find out more about John Long on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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