Ali Pips – Yours Truly, Ms. Darkside (2021)

Ali Pips had us hooked to her gothic sound with ‘Black Dahlia Smile Me’ only to throw us into a frenzy with ‘Mad Queen’. Now, she is once again heading into the darkness for the rejection of polite society that is ‘Yours Truly, Ms. Darkside’. Embracing the feelings that outsiders often face, she drives home the message of the track with a frantic piano that twirls with smoky tendrils of authenticity.

A single that definitely strikes a chord with everyone who chooses to live their lives on their own terms, she fills those who are on the edge with the power to take control. Through this single, she cements her place as a much loved theatrical mind that enthrals you without any effort. By the time this song ends, you will be as hopelessly under her spell as we are.

‘Yours Truly, Ms. Darkside’ hits you with the dark gothic edge that is slightly off-kilter. There is a depth to the sound that shakes your insides in the best possible way. The different layers of the melody are all doing their own thing yet come together to form an eclectic movement that is a wonder to listen to. The piano has a frantic edge that drops for the vocals to punch out. As the music picks up again, you are filled with the rejection of formal society and the freedom it comes with. The bridge offers a touch of classical piano showcasing her training but there is a dark build to it as the piano line creeps toward the frantic energy of the track.

While the music is doing its own thing, Pips’ vocals slink over your sense like satin. There is a seductive edge to her performance that rises in power as the chorus hits. You can hear the authenticity in each word as she rejects the world with a light sneer on her lips. The lyrics say all the things that most of us wish we could while pushing against the establishment. As her vocals soar on the chorus, you are drawn into the movement and feel the need to sing aloud with her. While there is a serious dark-pop edge to her performance, the gothic goodness we have come to love is intertwined with it.

Ali Pips continues to pull us under her spell with her powerful gothic and dark pop style while rejecting polite society in the frantic and pushing tones of ‘Yours truly, Ms. Darkside’. The music feels like layers of instrumentation that are all doing their own thing before they come together for an eclectic movement. Her vocals are seductive, sneering and powerful as she fills you with the energy of the music and the freedom of living your own life.

Find out more about Ali Pips on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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