Katie Frank – Politician (2021)

The title of Katie Frank’s single ‘Politician’ might be a little misleading. Not actually about politics, the single was written about a co-worker who was not a team player and only cared about promoting themselves. Likened to a politician in this regard, the co-worker would make themselves the hero while Frank and the others did all the hard work.

Using her confident vocals and catchy melodies, Frank will have you relating to her experience with this co-worker. With a blend of rock and country, she effortlessly commands your attention. As she draws on her real-life experience, she moulds the music to her create relatable stories that make you laugh, cry and sing along.

‘Politician’ hits you with the fusion soundscape from the first note. The deep guitar has a rock vibe while there is a splash of country added to it. This creates a great movement that hooks you and makes you want to dance around to the melody. The instruments all bring their own flair to the music as they come together for a rather irresistible melody. The guitar riffs that creep along the verses are great as they add a hint of sarcasm to the music while the beats are the heart of the music.

The blended sounds of the melody are threaded into Frank’s vocals. Her voice carefully draws you into the story of the lyrics and you can easily imagine the person she is talking about. The chorus is a delightful call-out as she confronts the person and lets them know that she understands what they are doing. There is so much confidence in her performance that you can’t help but be drawn into the story of the lyrics and the emotions of the track.

The accompanying music video brings the story to cinematic life through a day in the life visual. Through the video, you are placed in a work environment with a bad co-worker who does nothing but still takes credit. This visual is broken into on the chorus with Frank and her band playing the single to the camera. It is a great video to watch as the story is relatable and hooks you in the storytelling.

Katie Frank uses confident vocals and a fusion melody to throw you into the story of ‘Politician’. The relatable lyrics create a tapestry of images while the music fills you with the emotions of the track. The accompanying music video brings the story to cinematic life through an easy to watch narrative that enhances the lyrics of the single.

Find out more about Katie Frank on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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