Kevin Roy Correll – Wouldn’t Change a Thing (2021)

If you are in the mood for an upbeat rock song that captures the feeling of loving someone just the way they are, you are in luck. This is exactly what Kevin Roy Correll has to offer with his aptly titled single ‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing’. Packed with happy and positive vibes, the single fills you with the depths of his affection for someone who he loves as they are.

While the single was written a while ago, Correll only recently found it in an old notebook and turned it into the track it is today. Sprinkling classic rock tones over 80s and 90s rock sensibilities, he has created a single that is uplifting, upbeat, positive and entirely too addictive. Whether you are a fan of rock or not, this is a song that you can easily have blaring out of your speakers.

‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing’ hits the ground running with a blast of good vibes in the form of a moving melody. You feel the urge to shimmy to the piano and guitars from the first note and this keeps up for the entire track. The upbeat movements of the music are undeniably catchy and hook you to the track. There are layers to the music as the drums roll through the low levels while the driving piano line adds the upbeat vibes. The guitars thrum between these lines adding depth to the movement while propelling your forward.

Over the melody are Correll’s vocals that are as infectious as the melody. His vocals ride the top of the music and sweep through you with a deep affection for someone you love. As the chorus hits, he unleashes a smile of not wanting to change a thing about the person he loves. Throughout the single, his performance puts a smile on your face and fills you with good vibes. There is a message rather blatantly woven into the track that lets you know that you don’t have to change to fit societal standards because there is someone out there who loves you as you are right now.

Kevin Roy Correll has you smiling to the good vibes of ‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing’ while letting you know that there is someone who loves you as you are. The driving melody has you rocking out to the track before the vocals get you smiling to the affection woven into each word. This all comes together for a single that is fun to listen to and packed with upliftment.

Find out more about Kevin Roy Correll on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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