Kimberly Walker – Freckles (2021)

Our past can deeply affect the way we confront our present and future. Through her EP Freckles, Kimberly Walker looks at the issues holding onto the past can bring and helps listeners work through their past to embrace new love in the future. Across the tracks, she draws us into the ups and downs of a new relationship and the process of opening up different sides of your personality to someone new.

Ranging from insecure and vulnerable to empowered and sassy, the tracks of the EP capture the changes we go through in life. Heartfelt and authentic, Walker’s music has been gaining attention across the world with support from BBC Radio Introducing, iHeart Radio Canada and Amazing Radio UK and USA. With soulful flows and some chilled vibes, this EP lets you see why she is easily making a name for herself.

The title track ‘Freckles’ opens proceedings with a floating feeling while laying the foundation for the story of the EP. The slow dawning of the opening is touching and light with a flicker of soulful vibes. The wisping tones that fill the middle levels of the melody lift Walker’s angelic vocals. Her performance is light, angelic yet utterly soulful at the same time. Her vocals fill the first half of the track while the instrumentation takes over for the second half. This is an interesting melodic choice and enhances the sultry flows of the track while setting the pace for the rest of the EP.

‘Higher’ continues the soulful tones with a touch of alternative RnB. There is an almost stop-start feeling to the opening of the melody that moves into a more melodic flow. Walker’s vocals lose some of the angelic flow to sink for a more seductive and sultry sound. This perfectly matches the lyrics that look at connections with others, passion and the high that comes from the love you feel for someone. This is all bundled into unapologetic confidence as Walker takes the lead in the relationship with ease. As the emotions of the track rise, her vocals match and showcase the control she has over her performance.

The sultry tones of the last track evaporate for the slightly more eerie tones of ‘Feeling Myself’. There is a haziness to the music that swings into the twang of bluesy guitars. The music draws you into a lethargic state of mind and the feeling of being lost in your own thoughts. The negative emotions of the track part for a path that Walker carves through the darkness. This path is paved with the steps needed to navigate the darkest times in life while searching for the helping hand you need. It is a very vulnerable and tender track that tugs at your heartstrings. The emotions are powerful as they fill your senses with the urge to be alone while still needing the help of loved ones to feel safe.

‘All My Love’ is a wonderful contrast to the lost feelings of the last track. The warmth that bubbles up through the melody and slides along the guitars settles on your skin like the warm rays of the sun. Coupled with a chilled beat, the music packs good vibes into the soundscape while the vocals capture the moment you are ready to move on from bad experiences in the past. As you vibe down the soundscape, you are filled with the freedom of shedding bad past relationships and moving into the bright light of new love. The lightness of the emotions fills your chest like a balloon and lift all the negatives off your shoulders.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Lay Awake’ which uses raw production and recoding to bring an organic and authentic sound. The melody builds slowly to create a pastel-coloured atmosphere that is so soft that you can’t help but sink into it. Walker’s vocals add to this softness and lull you into a relaxed state. Combined with the lyrics, the melody is like the first rays of light streaming through the window in the morning as you share a quiet moment with someone you love. It is a wonderful happy ending to the journey of the EP and lets you go about the rest of your day with happy vibes in your chest.

Kimberly Walker takes us on an emotional journey through past pain, raw feelings, lost mindsets and the bright lights of new love in Freckles. With five very different tracks, she showcases her musical and emotive versatility while sliding into your senses with a soulful flow. Her vocals move from angelic to seductive, vulnerable and tender to fill you with the emotions of the journey.

Find out more about Kimberly Walker on her Instagram and Spotify.

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