Kylem – I Don’t Wanna Feel This Way (2020)

Missing someone and the pressure of separation are two things that many people have really felt this year. While this is the basis of ‘I Don’t Wanna Feel This Way’ by Kylem, there is more to the song than this. Using unique vocal effects and intriguing alt-pop lines, he works through the dark emotions and helps to pull you into the light.

There is a personal element to the music beyond the fact that Kylem wrote, recorded and produced the single himself. Drawing on inspiration from different bands, he melds their styles with his own. Through his experimentation, you are presented with a single that is relatable and could be anything you want it to be.

‘I Don’t Wanna Feel This Way’ pulls you in with these engaging vocals that you can’t help but get drawn into. The unique vocal effects hit you from the first moment of the track. The harmonisations that act as a layer of the melody combine with the main vocals in a very interesting way. This line seems to form the thread of dark emotions at the start of the song. The main vocal line has an almost disjointed feeling to it that helps the messaging and emotions of the track hit harder. Through the unique performance, you can feel the distance between people and the pressures of this separation.

While the vocal harmonisations form a layer of the melody, there is this pulsing beat further below it. This combines with the harmonisations to form the darkness of the track. The melody itself is relatively simple, but the way the vocals have been used have you flying into a deep and intense sonic experience.

Kylem uses unique and interesting vocals to portray missing someone and the pressure of separation in ‘I Don’t Wanna Feel This Way’. The single is an interesting take on alternative pop and is unlike anything else you might hear right now.

Find out more about Kylem on his YouTube and Spotify.

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