Leo Aram-Downs – White Noise (2021)

There are a lot of restrictions that we face in life whether we realise what they are or not. In his single ‘White Noise’, Leo Aram-Downs considers these restrictions and the obstacles we all face. While touching on this wide topic, he focuses the lyrics on the severe obstacles that come between people whether emotional space or geographical.

With a dynamic and unique soundscape, Aram-Downs tackles a rather heavy subject with an interesting ease. A graduate of The BRIT School, he was touring and gigging before the pandemic locked everything down. In 2019, he completed his ‘Year of Everything’ that saw him releasing an impressive 54 songs throughout the year.

‘White Noise’ has an almost ambient opening that wobbles from one ear to the other. The clicking tones hold the movement together before the lighter layers make their way into the soundscape. There is a twinkling feeling to the high notes that bring the name of the track to wonderful sonic life. Resting beneath these glittering tones is a really soothing guitar line. As you listen to the track, you feel a lifting of stress and a greater ability to simply breathe. This creates a wonderful space to float in as the vocals hit you with the emotions of the track.

Aram-Downs’ vocals enter like a fine mist over the soothing melody. There is a fineness to the vocals that settles on your brain and pulls you into the lyrics. You can feel a sense of wonder through the vocals as the images of the lyrics are painted across your eyelids. This moves into a more powerful movement that is all yearning to be together with someone you love. The harmonies of the lyrics are utterly beautiful as they bring two sides of the yearning. The emotions that shine through the vocal performance tug at your heart and leave you wanting to close the space between you and your loved ones.

Leo Aram-Downs uses a mellow melody to pull you into ‘White Noise’ before hitting you with an emotional whammy through the harmonised vocals. There is a really soothing feeling to the melody that lets you float in the soundscape. While the vocals continue the softness of the music, the emotions they bring tug at your heart and make you long for your loved ones.

Find out more about Leo Aram-Downs on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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