Lombardy – Don’t Wanna See You Round Here (2021)

Lombardy are hitting the ground running with their debut single ‘Don’t Wanna See You Round Here’. Packed with snarling guitars, clever lyrics and fresh energy, the band taps into modern alternative and classic hard rock. A power track that really lets you know what the band has in store for listeners going forward, they will get you hooked to their sound and begging for more.

Mike Scott (vocals, lead guitar), Jonathan Plevyak (vocals, guitar), Nick Stafford (bass), Ryan Rasmussen (drums) and Ben Reiff (keys, drums) only got together as a band in September 2020. Over pizza and Rage Against the Machine, they considered forming a collective project that brings a new sound to rock music. Drawing on a spectrum of influences, they craft musical elements with a mastery that belies their age.

The guitar line that pulls you into ‘Don’t Wanna See You Round Here’ has a great groove that hooks into your brain. The thrumming melody on the verses has your shoulders moving while the vocals dance across the notes. In the lead-up to the chorus, there are some classic rock tones that have you flying to the music. There is an anthemic feeling to the music that has you grooving to the vibes as the guitars come at you from all sides and the drums get your heart pumping. The energy of the music is subtle but undeniable as you get caught up in the vibes and have your spirit let loose when the guitar riffs fly.

Over the thumping music are the smooth and easy vocals. The vocal performance has the same captivating energy as the music. A soft cushion on the verses, they soar over your head for the verse for a push of anthemic energy. You are going to want to shout out with the chorus as you get lost in the flows. While you ride the waves of the performance, the clever lyrics pull you into the emotions of the track. You are filled with the want to let go of someone who has treated you badly while getting a strengthening boost.

The accompanying music video opens with a confrontation between a man and women before you get down to the band playing the single in a car. It is a different music video that captures the energy of the band while letting you soar to the music. The relatively simple video captures the youthful and full-on energy of the track and band which is wonderful to see. It is also a really easy video to watch and get down to.

Lombardy has you grooving to their sound with a breakout debut track packed with soaring guitars, anthemic lines and captivating energy in ‘Don’t Wanna See You Round Here’. The melody has a subtle and understated feeling at times before it soars across the soundscape for anthemic waves. The vocals ride these waves of a board of clever lyricism and emotive delivery to fill you with the passion of the track.

Find out more about Lombardy on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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