Love Ghost – Outer Space (2020)

While their last single ‘I’ll Be Fine’ was a combination of rock and trap, Love Ghost is taking a grunge turn with their release ‘Outer Space’. Steeped in escapism and introspection, the song reflects on getting away to a place that is silent. With all the noise in the world, this is a sentiment that many can relate to. The introspective lyrics the band has become known for adds to the connection created with this track.

While Finnegan Bell (lead vocals, guitar), Ryan Stevens (bass, backing vocals), Samson Young (drums, backing vocals), Daniel Alcala (guitar) and Cory Batchler (keyboards) are very young, they have a maturity to their music. This maturity is clear in their songs and performances which they have taken on tour across Ireland, Japan, Ecuador and America. It also found them a place supporting Buckcherry, Smash Mouth, The Young Dubliners and Mundy.

‘Outer Space’ has a very rich opening that draws you in with haunting notes that pierce through you. Bell’s vocals have a hazy feeling to them as if they are coming through a radio or the other side of a window. The haunting melody gives way to a more grunge sound as you seek to escape. The transition is amazing as the drums build up gently below the hazy notes before swinging the song.

The change in the melody brings a change in the vocals. While the pace of the vocals remains the same, the airiness gives way to something more real. The return of the atmospheric elements and fuzzy vocals complements the journey you take in the lyrics. There are these great counterpoints in the song that pit the need for silence against the noise of the world.

Wanting to escape from the world and go somewhere silent is the focus of Love Ghost’s hazy grunge track ‘Outer Space’. The band shows great maturity and musical prowess in the outside view point of the song and the skilful transitions. At times the track is hazy and spaced out while at others it is faster and noisier.

Find out more about Love Ghost on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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