Roxanne Kelly – Dangerous Love (2020)

Letting go can be the hardest thing to do and this is highlighted in Roxanne Kelly’s debut single ‘Dangerous Love’. The song draws on personal experiences of those close to her and begs for her to be taken away. In this melodic cry of pain, she asks for help and to be taken away from the love that is weighing her down. This song is relatable and does not discriminate regarding the person or object the dangerous love is directed at.

Songwriting was developed as a defence mechanism by Kelly as she grew up feeling alone and without a sense of belonging. Through her music, you are able to catch a glimpse into her soul. An accomplished musician, she is starting out by setting the bar high.

Lightly crashing cymbals lead to Kelly’s Latin side in ‘Dangerous Love’. Her vocals captivate you as she paints the painful story of the lyrics before you are hit with this deep beat. You can hear the pain in her vocal delivery and the plea for help in her powerful cries. Throughout the song, she takes you through loneliness, rejection and despair with a sense of hope lurking deep down in the melody.

While Kelly’s vocals soar over and through you, there is this wonderful guitar in the melody. It has a Santana feel that adds a flair to the melody. There is also a hint of soul in the music that is backed up by the richness of the vocals and performance. Combined, they draw you further into the single and make you wonder what Kelly can do to top this debut.

Loving something is not always good for you and Roxanne Kelly takes you through trying to escape this in her Santana-influenced debut ‘Dangerous Love’. The single is full of rich vocals that surround you from start to finish, fantastic guitar lines and evocative lyrics. She has truly set the bar with this single and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.

Find out more about Roxanne Kelly on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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