Spence Paull – Do You Listen to Girl in Red (2021)

‘Do you like what I like?’ is a simple question that often generates a not so simple answer. Picking up this line of questioning, Spence Paull has turned it into the dance-worthy sounds of ‘Do You Listen to Girl in Red’. Partially a love letter to the LGBTQ+ community and partly blasting infectious beats, the single has you grooving to the music while sinking into the potential answers to this question.

With this debut single, Paull brings her own take on pop music to your ears with a fizz of jazz and rich lyrics. Since starting to write and record her own music at 11, she has earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and been awarded a Choral Scholarship. Now, she is working on a concept album with this set to be the opening track.

The beats of ‘Do You Listen to Girl in Red’ grab your head in the opening and gets it moving before a pulse of jazzy tones hook into your shoulders. There is a wonderful sultry jazzy feeling to the verses before you hit the dancing tones of the chorus. The infectious movement of the melody makes you want to dance around as you listen. There is something that filters through your veins and fills your soul with the lights of the track. Seriously, there is no way for you to avoid moving around to the melody.

Bouncing and shimmering across the melody is Paull’s vocals. Her sultry vocals enhance the jazzy movement of the melody before bringing bright rays of light on the chorus. The lyrics have a colourful storytelling vibe to them as they fill you with a smooth seduction and the urge to get to know someone. On the chorus, her performance takes on an almost vocal-dance flow that makes you want to sing along with her. Combined with the melody, the vocals form an addictive arrangement that you can’t get enough of.

Spence Paull has you dancing around to her bright, jazzy yet sultry beats in ‘Do You Listen to Girl in Red’. There is an infectious bounce to the music that hooks your muscles and gets them dancing around. Her vocals fill you with the lights of the story in the lyrics while making you want to turn up the volume.

Find out more about Spence Paull on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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