Lowly Light – Candy Lied (2021)

Lowly Light is giving us an alternative story to the character from Lou Reed’s track ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ in ‘Candy Lied’. Through the funky groove of the melody, the lyrics tell the story of Candy and her battles with her inner demons, self-doubt and suicidal thoughts. Drawing on the influence of 80s pop and indie pop, he creates a sound that carries the familiar and merges it with something new.

Matt Gorny, the man behind the music, comes from an indie-rock background but dives into pop fusion for this track. Over the past decade, he has written a number of songs and recorded vocals for dance artists. During the pandemic, he started taking steps out of his comfort zone and embraced more melodic movements leading to the creation of this musical project.

‘Candy Lied’ has you grooving to its retro fusion tones from the first note. There is a colourful feeling to the melody in the opening that takes a slightly subdued feeling on the verses. It bursts again for the chorus as the music tries to bolster the emotions and bring happiness to the lyrics. There are wonderful layers to the music that brings a groovy wave of electronic pop and retro tones that tickle the back of your brain. As you listen to the music, you feel the urge to bop and vibe to the flows. It is a rather infectious melody that you can’t really get enough of.

The almost sunny vibes of the track are tempered by the lyrics that take you into the story of Candy. Through the story, the single has you falling into questions of self-worth and the daily battles this brings. There is a touch of longing for something more woven into the track that enhances the bright feeling of the melody. While there is a heavy touch to the lyrics, the overall message of the track is rather positive as it fills you with the understanding that we are all just trying our best.

Lowly Light uses the story of ‘Candy Lied’ to confront the battle of self-worth and bring the understanding that we are all just trying in life. The melody is bright with a subdued undertone that perfectly captures the emotional ride of the track. The vocals are catchy and unleash the message of the single in a really infectious way.

Find out more about Lowly Light on his Instagram and Spotify.

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