Luna Keller – By The Coast (2020)

No stranger to The Other Side Reviews, Luna Keller is a Spanish singer-songwriter who we have followed with interest. Ranging from her upbeat ‘I’ll Bring You Home‘ to the vulnerable ‘Prophecy‘, Keller has been on our radar and, well, we love her! The latest offering from the Tenerife native is ‘By The Coast’ – the first collaboration between Keller and US-based singer-songwriter Thomas Lavine.

Embracing the act of virtual or remote collaboration, LaVine reached out to Keller to ask if she would sing on his new single ‘By The Coast’. While each singer-songwriter is a standout act in their own right featured by Indiemono, Indie Folk Central and No Depression, the combination of their soothing voices reaches another level of awesomeness. LaVine’s dulcet tones meld seamlessly with Keller’s moving vocals illustrating vulnerability, innocence and wistfulness with the evocative lyricism.

“The song is about an eternal struggle to open yourself up to others and truly be vulnerable and to share your perspective with those you truly love. I’m naturally a little closed off, but I want to communicate better and let the people I love know that I’m always here waiting for them until the ocean tides rise and swallow the sky.” – Thomas LaVine on ‘By The Coast’

Yes, the soul-stirring vocals definitely create a hazy soundscape with a swirling technicolour ambience; however, it is the addition of folk meets pop melody that adds the tinge of melancholy. ‘By The Coast’ is a beautiful song, but it is the barebones simplicity of an acoustic guitar accompanied by stripped-back vocals that add a haunting quality to the track. A cross-continental recording, ‘By The Coast’ is a sonic representation of how boundaries can be broken without crossing any physical borders.

For more from Luna Keller check out her Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.
For more from Thomas LaVine check out his Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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