Late TV – Fools Fools Fools (2021)

Late TV is continuing their exploration of the human condition with the synth-funk extravaganza that is ‘Fools Fools Fools’. The single delves into a night out with a hopeful romantic who runs headfirst into a wall of rejection only to repeat the process again and again. The cycle continues through the single and leads listeners to a moment of reflective clarity.

Packed with the complexities that make us human and the punishment many people keep returning to, the single is a real blast to listen to. While Luke J Novak (vocals, guitar) was aiming for a drunken ballad style, Martin Coxall (keyboards) suggested funk instead which was eagerly picked up by Richard Bowman (drums) and Ryan Szanyi (bass). Bringing their experience with jazz and rock together for the single, they get you excited for the debut album it will be a part of.

‘Fools Fools Fools’ soars around you with some really funky tones through the opening. The guitar lines wrap around your limbs and pull you into the synth-funk tones of the main melody. There is a really groovy feeling to the track that makes you want to dance around while bringing a slight touch of psychedelia. Through the funky synths, you can imagine the neon colours of a cocktail bar on a night out. It is a masterful melody that perfectly captures the energy of a night out while trying to create a connection with someone. Later in the track, the instruments all get their chance to shine through the soundscape which is wonderful.

While the melody is extremely effective in getting you hooked into the night out energy, the vocals wash over you and mist through your senses. There is something about Novak’s performance that hooks into your brain and pulls you under the band’s spell. As you are hoked, the lyrics dance you through the story of the track. There is a feeling of building tension through the vocals which drops for the moment of reflection onto to have you slipping back into the cycle of the track. It is a really engaging single that takes you away from reality for a moment.

Late TV has you grooving to the synth-funk tones of ‘Fools Fools Fools’ as they dive into the human experience on a night out. The melody builds with tension through the funky music while filling you with the neon colours of a cocktail bar. The vocals are as engaging as the music while bringing the story of the track to life.

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