Marian Godwin – You Don’t Know Me (2020)

Marian Godwin had an unusual trajectory into music and is drawing on her experiences for her single ‘You Don’t Know Me’. She started singing in bands when most people were leaving them, but life moved forward with all its trials and tribulations. After weathering the ups and downs of life, she is now the lead singer of The Oxford Drive Band and they are unleashing their music for the world.

Godwin’s journey to music combines with the warrior stories of the rest of the band. The struggles of each member lead to the wild abandon of their music and are threaded into the haunting tones. All their experience blends together for a song that lets you know there is always more below the surface.

‘You Don’t Know Me’ has a smooth guitar line that draws you in and wraps itself around your chest. It is an undeniable guitar line that really sets the mood of the track. There is a depth to the melody that is part blues and park rock with a splash of Americana folk thrown in. The flow of the melody is amazing and you are drawn into an almost moody soundscape. The lower sombre tones have a seriousness that highlights the lyrics.

The flowing moody vibe of the track continues with Godwin’s vocals. There is just something so cool about her performance that makes you sit up and listen. Her voice seems to meld with the guitar for a wisping smoky sonic sensation you are unlikely to forget any time soon. Her performance wraps the lyrics around your head and makes you really think about them. It is worth listening to the lyrics and considering what they are telling you.

Marian Godwin and The Oxford Drive Band inundate you with moody bluesy goodness as they let you know you have not scratched the surface with ‘You Don’t Know Me’. The combination of smooth guitars and Godwin’s smoky vocals leaves you captivated and wanting to listen to the song again and again.

Find out more about Marian Godwin and The Oxford Drive Band on their Instagram and Soundcloud.

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