Ooberfuse – Set Me Free (2021)

Feelings of liberation need a soundtrack that is as bright as these emotions. This is what Ooberfuse has to offer with their single ‘Set Me Free’. An uplifting track, it unleashes the emotions that arise when someone tries to take away your freedom. Packed with the courage to be who you truly are and an infuse of strength, the electronic hooks and ethereal vocals will have you flying on a wave of freedom.

This exploration of repression and oppression comes from Hal St John and Cherrie Anderson. The duo combines Anderson’s vocals with the intoxicating melodies St John creates for tracks that pull you into their messaging. If you are looking for a song that takes on oppression while filling you with the bright light of liberation, you have come to the right place.

‘Set Me Free’ uses an almost light marching tone to draw you in. This turns into a pulsing light melody that has your shoulders moving and fills you with brightness. The deep synths and shaking beats steadily build a bright soundscape that is full of good vibes. There is just something so unbelievably positive about the music. Threaded into this positivity is a very summery vibe that makes you think of warm sunny days spent relaxing and enjoying life. These emotions are wonderfully on message because they fill you with the lightness that comes with liberation from anyone trying to pull you down.

Anderson’s vocals are so light that they seem to shine through a veil from another world. The ethereal tone of her performance adds a gossamer layer to the music that enhances the brightness of the melody. There is a moment where St John’s vocals come in and call out to Anderson with an imploring tone. Through the vocal performance, you continue to feel the positive energy of the music but this is combined with a call to be set free in the lyrics.

The bright energy of the music comes to cinematic life with the accompanying music video. With bright colours and fun dance moves, the single is brought to life while making you want to move. The emotions of the track are translated wonderfully by the dancers through their movements. The video is as captivating as the single as you can’t stop watching the dancers.

Ooberfuse calls out to be set free while filling you with the bright lights of liberation through their single ‘Set Me Free’. The pulsing light of the melody is covered in the ethereal vocals that make you want to move while relaxing every muscle in your body. The accompanying music video uses dance to translate the emotions of the track into a captivating visual.

Find out more about Ooberfuse on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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