Sabiine – Hotline (2020)

Many people have friends who always ask them for advice and never seem to actually listen. If you are one of these people, Sabiine is here to offer a soundtrack for how you might feel about this. Her latest single ‘Hotline’ was inspired by a falling out with a close friend who made her feel like an advice hotline. Catchy, relatable and eclectic, the single has a punch to it with lyrics that offer a solid meaning.

Working with producer Tyler Gunz, the initial improved lyrics and beats she put together were moulded into the single as it stands today. Continuing her blending of adult contemporary, dark pop and indie-folk, Sabiine hits you with relatable songs offering some personal insights.

‘Hotline’ uses deep beats and pulses to get your attention. The eclectic melody has a quirky vibe with these popping tones that burst through the deep pounding beat and shuffling notes. There is a darkness within the melody that is all dark pop that gets your head bopping. The flow of the melody is infectious and you really can’t help but get into it. There is something about it that grabs you and will not let go.

Sabiine’s vocals are as quirky as the melody, but they also have this wonderful melodic flow to them. Her performance swings from a popping flow on the chorus to a higher melodic line on the verse. There is an electronic edge to her vocals at times that adds to the idea of being treated like an advice hotline. Together with the melody, her vocals form a song that you cannot get enough of and could easily listen to again and again.

Sabiine uses an eclectic and catchy melody mixed with quirky vocals for the engaging single ‘Hotline’. Working through relatable feelings, she hooks you with the tones of the melody and wraps you in her swinging performance. Through this, she helps you work through emotions and move on from being the advice hotline for friends.

Find out more about Sabiine on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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