Sacramento – G (2020)

There are times when you just need a single with no frills that bounces with dreamy psychedelia and emotions. Even if you aren’t in this mood, ‘G’ by Sacramento will hit the spot. A nostalgia dipped single, it creates a soft pillow of dreamy sounds and a soft breeze of comfort and simplicity. With a touch of neon pop, the liquid sounds of the melody wrap around you and let you breathe easily.

This comfortable single comes from the first solo project of Steven File. Combining chillwave with a dash of lo-fi indie pop, he has you dreaming of nights out with friends and lazing by the pool. With some Italian flair, he moves synth-pop tunes in a new direction.

‘G’ slowly builds in the opening for a twanging gentle soundscape that makes you think of hazy warmth over desert sands. Each note of the melody stands out while flowing into each other for a dreamy softness that has your shoulders relaxing. There is a mellow vibe to the music that you can’t help but sink into as you drift on the relaxed waves of the instruments. While the melody is fairly stripped back, there is a depth to it that creates a thick pillow to rest your head on.

File’s vocals are as mellow and relaxed as the melody. His calming voice gently taps down the melody to add another warm layer to the single. Through his performance, you feel a hint of nostalgia that breezes past your cheeks. As you sink into his performance, you are filled with a sense of comfort while floating in a dreamy haze where everything is good.

Sacramento creates a soft pillow of warmth for you to relax into with the mellow tones of ‘G’. The melody has a twanging haziness that sets you into a lazy vibe as you float along the currents of warmth. His vocals wrap around you like a blanket and fill you with comfort.

Find out more about Sacramento on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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