KMODO – The Things You Know (2020)

Change can often feel overwhelming, but it is a plunge that you might have to take for a better life. These moments form the foundation of ‘The Things You Know’ by KMODO featuring Clara Serra López. The single touches on the change needed to take a plunge into the future and how you sometimes have to leave behind something that once brought you happiness.

Using a combination of catchy vocals, piano lines and dreamy guitars, KMODO sets the stage. The third single in a series of releases co-written and featuring López, the track sits in a grey area of genres melding downtempo with garage and electronic pop. If ‘When You’re Ready’ by KMODO and López had you eager for more, you are in for a treat.

‘The Things You Know’ offers up a light piano line for the opening with a gentle static over the melody. The bubbling beats tumble over each other as the song progresses and the light synths start to meld with the piano. There is a dreamy touch to the melody that makes you think of soft cloudy landscapes. There are shuffling beats that come in and pick up the pace before you are gently pulled by the guitar.

The vocals come in as softly as the melody to draw you into the dreamy soundscape. There are a few emotions battling each other in the vocal performance. At first, you are hit with a questioning before moving to a sense of acceptance of needing to let some things go. The chorus has a sense of resolution that you can be happy when you let go of the things you know.

KMODO and Clara Serra López help you work through letting go of things in order to have a better life in ‘The Things You Know’. The dreamy soundscape melds the light yet catchy vocals with the soothing piano line and delicate guitars.

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