Step Into The Kitchen – A Fruitful Tenure (2022)

With their debut single ‘A Very Different Dessert’, Step Into the Kitchen brought an exotic and rich taste of musical fusion to our ears. Now, they are taking us on an otherworldly adventure through perception-altering sounds and the funky tones of ‘A Fruitful Tenure’. Using a style that seems to come straight out of a spaghetti western, they twist it into a funky yet cosy jam that envelopes you while still sending you soaring into the outer reaches of space.

Packed into the single is a journey that should not be taken lightly, but is an absolute blast to go on. Bringing their kaleidoscope of musical fusion to the fore, voices ring out only to close around you like a warm blanket. If their last single had you intrigued, this track is going to cement the band’s place in a funky section of your heart.

‘A Fruitful Tenure’ hits you with their fusion sound from the first moment. The melody has the undertones of an old western movie, but the higher levels are a masterful mixture of funk, trip-hop and groove. There is something about the melody that has you moving to its almost serpentine flow. The slink of the opening lines slides across your brain and leads you further into the single. The richness shivers for an experimental vibration that leads you into a lighter and more cosmic flow. This change in tone is like the bursting of a nebula packed with otherworldly colours and blasts of solar energy. While you are flying out into the far reaches of outer space on the back of the melody, the jangle of instrumentation brings a nostalgic kaleidoscope to your brain.

While the melody sends you on a journey into outer space, the vocals are a humming call of collective adventure. The initial vocal line hums in time to the slink of the melody before layers of voices pack themselves onto each other. The voices ring out with a wordless flow that enhances the overall feeling of the melody like something in the greater cosmos calling to your soul in a way your brain can’t properly translate. It is a rather quirky combination of wordless vocals and engaging melodics that works perfectly together.

Step Into the Kitchen takes us on a quirky adventure into the outer reaches of space with a masterful fusion of funk, groove and dub in ‘A Fruitful Tenure’. The music is the driving force of the single as it slithers into your senses before sending you out into the galaxy on a wave of cosmic energy. The vocals wordlessly call out and weave through the kaleidoscope of colours created by the melody.

Find out more about Step Into the Kitchen on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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