Stephanie Seymour – There Was a Time (2022)

Looking at photos or hearing a particular song can often bring a rush of fond memories. Stephanie Seymour is celebrating these moments through her single ‘There Was a Time’. While the single was inspired by the fond memories she had of her favourite guitarist, the universality of the emotions woven into each word makes it easy to connect with.

To bring fond memories to life, Seymour is joined on the track by Ira Elliot (drums) and Bob Parry (guitar, bass). No newcomer to the music scene, Seymour started her professional music career as a drummer in The Aquanettas, before joining the pop band Psychic Penguin. In 2011, she took a hiatus from music before being struck by the lightning bolt of musical creativity in 2018 and headed back into the music world.

The guitars that open ‘There Was a Time’ get you vibing to their movement from the first second. There is a really catchy feeling to the melody as it combines indie rock and pop. The movement of the guitars brings a wash of fond feelings that lights up your chest and puts a little smile on your face. When the horns come in, they bring a burst of good vibes that can’t be denied. Each instrument brings its own wave of happiness as it enters, before combining with the other tones to create an extremely pleasant flow. There is no way to listen to this melody and not soar on the good vibes infused into each note.

As you are riding the good vibes of the melody, Seymour’s vocals drop you into good memories that always make you feel happy when you think about them. Her performance is gentle, yet incredibly infectious, hooking you to the track. The lyrical arrangement picks up on the catchy flow of the music, making you want to sing along. This feeling is enhanced by the rich harmonisations that further bolster the good vibes. As the single continues, Seymour’s vocals power through the soundscape and have you riding sunny warm waves.

While the single on its own is more than enough to chase away dark vibes and leave you drenched in happy memories, the music video adds an extra burst of happiness. The sunny backdrop of the video makes it easy to slide into the warm vibes of the single. You can see how much fun each musician featured on the track is having while making the single, which creates this amazing pool of good vibes. There is a touch of home video vibes to the music video which works really well with the overall feeling of the single.

Stephanie Seymour fills you with good vibes as she takes a trip down memory lane and soaks up the happiness of fond memories in ‘There Was a Time’. The single is packed with good vibes from the burst of horns to Seymour’s powerful vocals. The accompanying music video has a home movie feel at times that bolsters the good vibes woven into the music.

Find out more about Stephanie Seymour on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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