Sugarmoon – Try a Little (2021)

Sugarmoon has us lazing on a warm summer day through their single ‘The Only One’ while hitting a bittersweet vintage tone. With their new single ‘Try a Little’, the band is showcasing a new side to their sound as they take you on a journey into unexpected places. Using a punchy sound, they have you stumbling down the soundscape before rising on their truly epic harmonies.

While the pandemic has put a damper on live shows, the band has been building a lot of momentum regardless. Using a unique blend of sound, they captivate the minds of listeners without any effort. This latest single continues this enthralling tone with its vintage splash and exciting flows.

‘Try a Little’ opens with a rather jaunty piano that has you tapping to its rhythm. The drums roll in the lower levels while the guitars pluck against your senses. There is a meandering feeling to the music that puts a skip into your step as you listen. You can easily imagine this single being played in a smoky bar that you stumble across without really knowing how you got there. There is a melodic bridge later in the track that is a delightful dance between the ragtime piano and guitars.

The vocals bring a vintage touch to the song as they ask questions on the verses before lowing into a catchy chorus. You are going to find yourself singing along to the chorus before the song ends because there is no other option. Through the catchy performance, you are taken on an interesting and rather uplifting journey. The great thing about the messaging of this song is that it gives you the lift you need to keep trying without being in your face about it. You are treated to the understanding that trying is enough and you don’t need to worry as much as you do. In the last moments of the single is an epic harmony of vocals as the five members of the band come together to gently set you on your way.

Sugarmoon takes you on a jaunty ragtime journey into the unexpected places of your soul while lifting your spirits in ‘Try a Little’. The melody puts a skip and bounce into your step while the vocals unleash a positive message through their catchy flows. The harmony at the end of the track is something that you shouldn’t miss.

Find out more about Sugarmoon on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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