Duel Native – Commodity (2021)

We live in a very materialistic world and can often forget that not everything is a commodity or something that can be traded and sold. This is something that Duel Native has picked up for his latest single ‘Commodity’. Through the blend of folk and rock, he helps us realise our own value while rethinking identity and how we see ourselves.

While this single brings new perspectives, there is an empowering and uplifting message woven into the lyrics. As his second single, it brings a swirl of harmonies and rising melodies that lift the probing lyrics for an enjoyable yet thought-provoking listening experience. Building on the success of his debut, Duel Native cuts straight to your heart with his honest style and raw performance.

The strumming of the acoustic guitar that opens ‘Commodity’ meets the rolling drums for a swaying good time. You can’t help but move to the sound from the first strummed note while the urge only gets greater as the single continues. The toe-tapping rhythm of the melody smoothly flows into your soul and slowly picks you up and rises on soft clouds of good vibes. There is a feeling of realisation in the music that opens your eyes and allows you to take in the beauty of the lyrics. While it is not a big production melody, it is powerful in its relative simplicity. The guitar riff close to the end of the track is a wonderful break in the steady movement that puts a smile on your face.

Against this uplifting melody is Duel native’s vocals which open the track with a thought-provoking question. There is no hiding from the push to rethink our value but it has been laid out in a truly engaging way. The folky tones of his vocals form a comforting and soothing movement that gently leads you to the rethinking of perspectives. There is also a feeling of not being alone in the performance that enhances the upliftment of the melody. As you listen to his vocals, you are filled with a gentle energy that is so bright you can’t help but feel better about life and the future.

Duel Native has you swaying and smiling while rethinking how we value ourselves and others in the gentle yet hard-hitting ‘Commodity’. There is a lot packed into the delicate tones of the single that get you thinking while relaxing into the folky flows. The single is a wonderful showcase of his important messaging wrapped in music that is easy to connect with and sink into.

Find out more about Duel Native on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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