Track of the Day: Prang – Sideshow

Covid-19 has brought many bad things our way but there are silver linings in the mire of despair, just look at Prang! Hailing from Yorkshire, but now based in London, Prang is a singer-songwriter using his experience in bands to create a unique, chilled sound. In late 2020, he produced his first full-length album tackling regret, inner conflict, understanding and acceptance. Today we bring you the powerful single ‘Sideshow’.

The opening track from Prang’s album Salt, ‘Sideshow’ is a smooth, flowing single. Fusing elements of R&B, soul and blues, it has a harmonic languidness pulling you into a pool of calm. Recorded in Prang’s London apartment with a miniscule budget, Salt is an upbeat album; however, it is ‘Sideshow’ that eases you in on a velvety carpet.

Oddly enough, Prang is a slang term for nervousness and he admittedly approached the project with trepidation. Thing is, the anxiety melts away with Prang’s harmonic melodies and engaging lyrics. The warm, rich vocals enhance the hopeful lyricism with a lingering sense of acceptance. Yet, it is the possibly unnoticed vocal undertones that embody the essence of the song. Lying somewhere between Stevie Ray Vaughn with the guitar skills of George Benson, Prang brings a contemporary edge to iconic blues.

For more from Prang, check out his official website, Instagram and Spotify.

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