Tadini – The Arsonist (2020)

Tadini is a rock performer based in Los Angeles, bringing a fresh twist to the West Coast rock scene. He is a prolific pianist, arranger and singer-songwriter. Mixing his multicultural background with traditional styles from Europe and his native Brazil, Tadini has created an interesting sound.

His single ‘The Arsonist’ is the first off his upcoming debut album Collective Delusion. The track is an intriguing first glimpse at what the album and artist have in store for us.

‘The Arsonist’ creeps to life with a guitar and drum opening that quickly roars into a blaze of sound. The heavy guitar and deep drums hook you and force you to move with the song. Throughout the track, the instruments are used to emphasise and further the imagery of the single.

Tadini’s vocals are powerful and enhance the arrangement that turns everything up to the max. The song is an inferno of unexpected bridges, smooth harmonies and explosive vocals. The track takes hold of you and does not let up until the very last note.

Tadini creates a sonic firestorm full of explosive guitars, layered melodies and powerful vocals in ‘The Arsonist’. The arrangement of the song is perfectly controlled while embodying a raging fire. With this track setting the tone for the upcoming album, we can’t wait to hear the rest.

Find out more about Tadini on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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