Tash Hills – Mirror Ball Dreams (2022)

Tash Hills started our addiction to her nu-funk sound with ‘Stepping On Out’ only to slide us into the infectious joy and empowerment of ‘First Breath’. She is now getting us moving once again with the upbeat ‘Mirror Ball Dreams’ that blasts through you with funky horns before the synth base sets up a steady groove. As you move to her rhythm, the lyrics take you on the journey home after a long day at work as you dream about a night out dancing away to the sounds of disco.

Lively, fun and uttering addictive, the single has you shaking off the pressure of the daily grind and giving in to the euphoria of dancing your worries away. With each release, Hills has drawn more and more people under her nu-funk spell. Since her debut, she has been on Spotify’s nu-funk editorial playlist, been supported by BBC Introducing and achieved some serious radio play.

‘Mirror Ball Dreams’ hits you with the funky tones of the melody with a blast of horns. There is a slight old-school feeling to the structure of the horns and some of the disco flairs. This has been wrapped up in something wonderfully contemporary that brings a modern edge to the funky sound. The synths that form the foundation of the melody have you bopping away to the rhythm while the horns and guitars add a moving twang. There is no way that you can stay still as you listen to this melody. The shifting lights of a mirror ball flash through the melody while neon lights rise under your feet.

It is not only the melody that brings Hills’ addictive funky sound. Her vocals touch on the heyday of disco while adding a snare of modernity. The lyrics draw you into the all too real 9 to 5 grind that pushes you down. The chains of working reality are shed on the chorus as you head to the dancefloor and give in to the movement of the music. Her vocals have you spinning under the glittering lights of the disco and having an absolute blast. The lyrics carry some of those vintage tinges in the music as they reference retro disco before moving into a pulse that has you singing along and turning the volume up.

With the funky disco tones of ‘Mirror Ball Dreams’, Tash Hills has you shedding the chains of the daily grind and hitting the dancefloor. The melody gets you moving from the first funky tones and the wonderful blast of horns. The mirror ball lights that shine through the melody are picked up by her vocals for a freeing and addictive performance.

Find out more about Tash Hills on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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