BAYWUD – Silver & Gold (2021)

Without fail, BAYWUD blows you away with the sheer emotive power of his music as he did to us with his 2020 EP MMXX and his single ‘Bombs Away’. The emotional journey he takes listeners on continues with ‘Silver & Gold’ which draws on the pain of online bullying to embrace individuality. With a sweep of uplifting vibes, the single drives positive forces through your veins and helps you let love lead while ignoring the haters.

Bringing a touch of 70s pop to his sound, BAYWUD teamed up with Rune Westberg to co-write and produce the track. The unique sound of his music helps elevate the message of the single as you find peace with the unique differences we all embody. With a foundation that we can all relate to whether we have been bullied or seen others bullied, the single offers a positivity that we all need.

The harmonica that opens ‘Silver & Gold’ shines through the soundscape for a delightful folk-rock vibe. The guitar strums with a foot-tapping flow that brings an uplifting feeling to the song. Every element of the melody has an embracing positive vibe that makes you feel like you can take on anything the world has to offer. The call of the harmonica wraps around your shoulders like a friendly arm. There is no way to listen to this song and not feel your rough edges soothed and your self-esteem strengthened.

It is not only the melody that brings a positive boost to your soul. BAYWUD’s vocals have a soft rock flow that perfectly complements the moving melody. The passion in his performance highlights the lovingly uplifting vibes of the lyrics. Through the lyrics, he lets you know that you are perfect as you are and that what others think doesn’t matter. There is a timeless feeling to his performance that threads through the equally timeless message. By the end of the single, you are going to feel better about any flaw you think you have and will be ready to ignore those who try to bring you down.

BAYWUD fills you with the confidence to embrace your uniqueness through the uplifting tones of ‘Silver & Gold’. The folk-rock sound of the track has your feet tapping to the rhythm while sliding the negativity of others off your shoulders. Through all of this, he tells you that you are perfect as you are and helps you let go of what other people think.

Find out more about BAYWUD on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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