Now That I Am – Devil You Know (2021)

Overcoming an addiction is never a linear process and there are many realisations that come on the path to recovery. Now That I Am is drawing on his personal experience of this for his single ‘Devil You Know’. Through the balancing of tension in the song, he reflects on the realisations many face during the turbulent beginnings of a recovery period.

Brian Hegney is the visionary behind the music and has been involved in the music industry for years. While the project started as a band between young friends, they stopped doing shows together when life pulled them in different directions. When the pandemic hit, the project resurrected itself with Hegney realising he still had music he wanted to share with anyone willing to listen.

‘Devil You Know’ has a reflective feeling in the melody as the guitar line makes you think of nights sitting by a fire and thinking about whatever crosses your mind. There is a really good beat that drives you forward into the soft rock tones. The opening guitar line is quite soothing, but the strumming picks up for a rise on the chorus that is all alternative rock. There is a delightful soaring on the chorus as your senses burst with the positive realisations of the vocals and lyrics.

Hegney’s vocals enter with a muted feeling like he is whispering to you in the dark and doesn’t want to break the fragility of the night with louder sounds. As you head toward the chorus, you can feel the build-up of realisations that come to light through the reflections of the verses. His vocals are really catchy and make you want to sing along with him, particularly on the chorus. Through his performance, you can feel that there is a serious personal connection to the lyrics and this just makes the single even more enjoyable.

With the rise and fall of rock tones, Now That I Am reflects on a turbulent period and the realisations that come during this time in ‘Devil You Know’. The single has a wonderful arrangement that draws you into the contemplations and realisations of the lyrics. The personal connection with the lyrics enhances the messaging and emotive impact of the entire single.

Find out more about Now That I Am on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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