The Joy Formidable – AAARTH (2018)

Image courtesy of The Joy Formidable

The Joy Formidable is a British post-punk group from Wales.  The band members are Ritzy (vocals/guitars), Rhydian (bass) and Matt (drums).  Their new album AAARTH was released in September 2018 via Hassle Records.

The album starts with the track ‘Y Bluen Rita’, and it begins with what sounds like a record skipping, then a heavy beat kicks in.  It has brilliant guitar riffs, the vocals sound really good, and it sounds like it’s sung in Welsh which, unfortunately, I don’t understand; but it’s a great song.

‘The Wrong Side’ isn’t as heavy as the first song, it has awesome guitar riffs at the start.  It has brilliant keyboard sounds throughout the song, is catchy and a very good rock song.  ‘Go Loving’ has an awesome drum beat, the guitar work is amazing, and the vocals are great.  At 1:39, there is a scorching guitar solo that sounds absolutely amazing; it’s a great song.

The track ‘Cicada (Land On Your Back)’ starts with an acoustic guitar sound which is brilliant.  It has a great drum beat kick in at thirteen seconds; the vocals are brilliant with an oriental sound during the song which is very unusual but sounds absolutely brilliant.  ‘All In All’ starts with lovely soft vocals and a little bell sound, great guitar riffs makes it a slow, soft song and it’s beautifully done.  It’s got a great beat and a great feel to it, and at 3:42 an amazing guitar solo kicks in with an epic drum beat.

‘What For’ has a voice at the start that sounds like it’s talking through a megaphone, an amazing drum beat and guitar riff begins afterwards.  Beautiful vocals; it’s an incredible song and is very catchy.  ‘The Better Me’ is about things holding you back when you want to move forward and be better.  It has a brilliant bass line and epic guitar work, the vocals are amazing, and it has a very catchy sound.

The track ‘Absence’ has a beautiful piano start, lovely vocals, and it sounds like it’s about missing someone and they are sad about it.  It has a slow, soothing sound, like a ballad, but still has some awesome guitar riffs.  ‘Dance Of The Lotus’ has brilliant guitar riffs at the beginning, then the heavy beat kicks in.  It sounds amazing and the vocals are great.  It has a lovely bell sound on the bridge of the song – catchy and heavy.

‘You Can’t Give Me’ starts with a brilliant drum beat and guitar, it’s a slower song but had an awesome rock sound to it.  The vocals again are brilliant, and it sounds like a love song but a sad one; it sounds like a break-up song.  ‘Caught On A Breeze’ has a great beat and the bass line is brilliant, guitar riffs are great, the talking vocals at the start are great, it’s a highly captivating and addictive rock song.

The Joy Formidable’s latest album, AAARTH, is available to today on Hassle Records.  Check it out; you won’t be disappointed!

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