DAAY – Little Foot (2021)

While DAAY had us soaking up some optimism and positive vibes with their single ‘First Light’, they are delving into a different emotion with their latest release. ‘Little Foot’ is an adolescent scream at the adult world that seems much darker and harsher than the childhood being left behind. The volatility of adolescence is brought to your ears with a thrashing instrumental movement that slides into mellow croons.

Through the duality of the music, DAAY captures the progressive movement from blissful childhood to the instability and pressure of adulthood. With a splash of smooth jazz melding into punk rock and blues, he shows that he has a lot to offer. A delightful conceptual single, it captures the mind, connects with everyone’s adolescent feelings and defies all attempts to box it into a genre.

‘Little Foot’ uses sound samples to get your attention before the guitar rolls in like fog tumbling down the beach. There is a really relaxed feeling to the melody as you are filled with a smoky bluesy feeling that gets your head moving. The guitars are quite infectious as they soar through you before the horns sink their hooks into your brain. The smooth jazz tones are a delightful contrast to the bluesy guitars and the punchy drums that bring the aggression of youth. The rise and fall of the melody are perfectly done and rather masterful in its execution keeping you hooked.

The rise and fall of the melody have nothing on the vocals. There is a touch of psychedelia to the vocals when they enter and pull you into the feelings of the single. As the song progresses, you can feel a building of frustration and annoyance with the way of the world. This shines in both the lyrics and the increasing anger woven into the vocals. It all culminates into a shout against the world on the chorus that vents all the frustration that most people feel. If you are feeling tied down and frustrated, you are going to shout with DAAY even if you are far out of your own adolescence.

DAAY helps you get your frustration out through a delving into adolescent aggravation in ‘Little Foot’. A true masterpiece of genre-defying tones, the single moves from smooth jazz to punch rock while riding bluesy guitars. The vocals build wonderfully to the chorus where you can shout out your frustration with the world.

Find out more about DAAY on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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