Matthew Daniel – Vicious Cycle (2020)

Matthew Daniel began his journey as a performer from the tender age of 5. Since then, he has developed into a skilled drummer, pianist and singer with an interest in writing and producing. He is now stepping out on his own with his debut single ‘Vicious Cycle’.

Taking his cues from electro-pop and Top 40’s pop music, he is hitting out with his original and alternative sound. Melding this inspiration with his personal experiences, he weaves a story through his music that hooks you from the first moments. Innovative and fresh, he might just be the new pop artist you have been looking to add to your favourite playlist.

‘Vicious Cycle’ gets you into the vibe with some twinkling tones and these strings that hum around in the background. The multiple layers of the melody meld together to create a complex path for you to follow. The use of strings is wonderful on the single as they appear in the opening, fade away only to reappear for the chorus. There is a lot of depth to the melody, but there is also this good vibe to it. You can easily get into the groove and have a good time while listening.

Daniel’s vocals shine over the melody and draw you into the story of the lyrics. The lyrics are relatable as most people have been in a vicious cycle of some kind at some point. While the lyrics hit a rather heavy topic, the electronic distortions at times add this fun burst to the song. Daniel’s performance is emotive and you can easily get into his vocals.

Matthew Daniel combines electronic pop and innovative storytelling to draw you into ‘Vicious Cycle’. The single works through being trapped in one of these cycles, but there is this upbeat and feel-good vibe going on. Daniel’s vocals draw you into the story and are easy to connect with.

Find out more about Matthew Daniel on his Instagram, TikTok and Spotify.

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