Track of the Day: Third Lung – What Is A Life?

Regulars on The Other Side Reviews, I am happy to announce that one of our favourite alt-rock bands is back with a new song for us to dissect. UK-based quartet Third Lung continues to look at conceptual themes in its music. Inspired by artists like Chaka Khan, Queen, ABBA and Tower of Power, the group draws a unique sound from these diverse musical influences. While there is a shining to the older rock artists, Third Lung is completely unique and many people agree with us. Featured in various notable media like A&R Factory and BBC Introducing, the foursome has built a reputation for compelling music. Not only that, they enchant audiences with their engaging performances at festivals and live music venues. The latest addition to their discography is ‘What Is Life?’.

Following their track ‘Hold The Line’ (read our review here), ‘What Is A Life?’ merges 80s rock with contemporary alternative rock to explore the profound question – what is life? The conclusion, according to Third Lung’s new song, is that life is to love. The growling vocals of Tom Farrelly are pensive and warm with a lilt of confused naivety. It is as if he is desperately trying to understand the universal concept of what life really is and, with the incorporation of melodic instrumentation, he seems to find an answer. The excitement is raw, honest and sincere as he shouts out “love is what my life is for” but still begs the question of what your life is for.

Of course, I cannot mention the melodic sound of Third Lung without crediting the talented musicians. Cams Jurasek’s guitar crescendos into catchy choruses with Rob Jacque (bass) and Sam Waugh (drums) adding to the kaleidoscopic soundscape. Once again, the group enthrals me with their exposition of the human spirit using an upbeat and toe-tapping melody.

In addition to their single, Third Lung released an official music video for ‘What Is A Life?’. Rather simplistic, the video shows different band members performing their instruments individually. For me, the beauty is in its simplicity showcasing the raw honesty and sentimentality in the song. Big bonus: the transitions and performances are basic meaning there are no flashing lights! Many videos nowadays use strobe-like effects that can cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy but not this one. I happily watched Third Lung enjoy their music and entertain viewers in comfort without a need to “close my eyes when the flashy bits come”.

For more from Third Lung check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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