Small Planets – Breathe (2020)

One of the hardest challenges people face is depression as it affects every aspect of life. Anyone suffering from this will feel a connection with ‘Breathe’ by Small Planets. The song resonates with anyone who suffers from depression and does not recognise their inherent beauty and value. The single is all about someone who sees and appreciates the beauty of a person that they might not be able to see.

The interesting outsider perspective of the single melds with the soundscape of the band. Jeff Love (guitars), Josh Spincic (bass), Phil Drazic (drums), Ryan Silo (guitars) and Jessica Hernandez (vocals) use a genre-defying fluidity to tell their tales. Sitting closely to post-punk, their sound is like an engaging love letter.

The deep tones of ‘Breathe’ draw you in before they turn into a lighter guitar line. The driving beat below this line carries you through the single. The melody has this rock vibe to it mixed with some dream-pop. It is an interesting combination that floats against your ears. There are guitar notes that cut through the overall haziness of the melody to create a flowing line adding a structure to the airiness.

The hazy feeling is compounded with Hernandez’s vocals. They are this light and airy layer sitting atop the melody that gently flows above your head. The tone of the track is interesting when you listen to the lyrics because it sets a mental scene of foggy depression. However, the guitar lines and lyrics take you on a different journey as you are led to your inner beauty and value. The outside perspective of the lyrics makes this song hit in a unique way as it tells you that you can bloom.

Small Planets help you find your inner worth and beauty through an outsider perspective in the hazy ‘Breathe’. The dream-pop vibe of the track combines with the band’s post-punk sensibilities to create an enchanting single. Continuing to defy genres, the band sneaks into your mind and will not leave with this song.

Find out more about Small Planets on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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