Xander Cameron – South Stage Broadway (2021)

With a laid-back vibe, Xander Cameron takes us on a poetic journey through his EP South Stage Broadway. From dreams of fame to beautiful places, the tracks of the EP delve into cinematic acoustics that are as captivating as they are pleasurable to listen to. With an understanding that life is too short to be bogged down with the minute, the EP has us shedding the negatives and relaxing into the soundscapes.

Since he started making music as a solo artist in 2017, Cameron has been treating listeners to poetic lyrics and freeing melodics. A multi-instrumentalist as well as a poet, he impresses with each song and is sure to have you as hooked to his sound as we are. Drawing on a wide range of influences, he brings classic hooks to contemporary flows with graceful ease.

The EP opens with ‘Famous’ which, as the name suggests, considers the pursuit of fame. The applause opening is a really nice touch as it leads you to the depths of the piano. There is a rather theatrical feeling to the track that makes you think it could be part of a musical. Cameron’s vocals are stunning in their soft movement, but you can feel that there is a lot of power in there that could be unleashed. There is a dark-pop edge to this track as the lyrics draw you into the rather sad tale of the struggle for fame that many artists go through. While much of the single talks about trying to find fame, when this is achieved the main character realises that it is not all its been cracked up to be. This is a really poignant message that a lot of people need to hear.

‘Late Night Cable TV Channels’ is a beautiful acoustic number that eases you in with the delicate strumming of the guitar. The drums create the depth of the track that enhances the emotive power of the vocals. Through his performance, Cameron reaches into your chest and plucks at your emotions with a really relatable lyrical flow. The harmonised moments increase the overall beauty of the single. The stripped-back vibe of the track has you resting back and taking everything in. While tugging at your emotions, there is a wonderful late-night feeling to this track that reminds you of those days when you stay up too late watching terrible TV.

The acoustic guitar that opens ‘Chances’ has a lighter feeling compared to the last track. This movement meets the vocals that weave an almost nostalgic happiness into the soundscape. The organ that warbles through the low levels of the track leads you to the soaring of the guitar on the chorus. It is a really wonderful melodic movement that you are easily swept up in. Through the vocals, you are pulled into a story of chances and opportunities taken and missed. It is a really wonderful and poignant reflection on life and the relationships we face throughout it.

The EP comes to an end with the lightness of ‘She Lives in Lake Tahoe’. The music is light from the first moment and brings this undeniably bright energy with it. The glittering peace of the music transports you to open spaces and fills you with the beauty of nature. Against this lightness, the lyrics lift a weight from your shoulders as you spend time in a peaceful and stunning place. The vocals enhance the love letter of the lyrics and make you yearn for the place that you feel is the most beautiful in the world. The chorus is wonderful and really showcases the power of Cameron’s vocals.

Xander Cameron draws you into his chilled sound while imparting some important messages in the beautifully captivating tones of South Stage Broadway. Each song is touching and powerfully emotive while being soft and gentle. There is so much power in the vocals across the tracks that you are really left in awe of Cameron and what he is so aptly able to achieve.

Find out more about Xander Cameron on his Instagram and Spotify.

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