ANN – Kali (2021)

Through her single ‘Medusa’, ANN delved into the origins of the myth while celebrating the powerful women behind the stories. This delving into myths and legends continues with her single ‘Kali’ which looks at the strong and fierce Hindu goddess. As she brings the strength of the character to life, ANN fills listeners with some powerful feelings that we all need at some point.

The last track to be released before her debut EP in January, the single will have you yearning for more and definitely diving into her back catalogue. Infused with her confidence, the single journeys into parts of yourself that you might never realise are crying out for attention. Balancing electronic and organic sounds, her music has you getting into its movement while riding the powerful emotions it instils.

ANN’s vocals open ‘Kali’ with the powerful images that the goddess invokes. There is something slightly haunting about her performance that sends shivers running down your arms. As she builds toward the chorus, you can feel the power of her vocals and the story she is telling. When the chorus hits, she surges with power and fills you with the strength of the goddess. The lyrics are wonderful as they cut through any misconceptions people might have about Kali and build the fierceness that fills all of us. While the enter single is packed with powerful vocals and captivating lyrics, the chorus is really something else. You will feel the urge to sing along which will only cement the words in your brain to be recalled throughout the day.

Swirling beneath the vocals is an equally powerful melody that builds through the verses. There is an almost ambient touch to the melody in the opening that gains a slight march as you head toward the chorus. This rises on the chorus to bolster the powerful vocals. There is an interesting addition to the chorus that adds to the story of Kali. The drop that comes with the second verse is wonderful as it allows the music to build again and you are swept into the chorus again.

ANN harnesses the fierce power of the Hindu goddess for the strong sounds of ‘Kali’ while pulsing strength into your veins. The vocals delve into the story of the goddess before sinking their hooks into your brain allowing the chorus to stick in your head. The music bolstered the movement of the vocals with a rising power that drops only to start all over again.

Find out more about ANN on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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