2/14 – Escalator (2022)

2/14 are drawing on roots in punk-rock and pop-punk to tell the moody tale of troubled youth that is ‘Escalator’. As part of their lead-up to their debut LP, the single brings a blend of nostalgic rock with a touch of emo broodiness. A relatable track for anyone who was or knew a moody teenager, the single merges 90s tones with some modern sensibilities.

Sky Carlson (vocals, guitar), Ben Bustamante (drums) and Devin Lobosco (bass) are the trio behind the sound. Carlson and Lobosco started playing together in high school, after Carlson recruited Lobosco into the band. Bustamante is a newer addition to the sound and drew the attention of the original duo through his drum covers on YouTube.

‘Escalator’ strums to life with a nostalgic emo-rock sound that builds into a punk-rock movement. The drums push you into the guitars that build into a rise on the chorus. As the single progresses, the movement of the guitars and drums have you bopping to the rhythm before making you want to gently rock out. You can hear the influence of 90s emo rock but there is something distinctly modern and 2/14 to the entire sound. The drums and guitars each get a chance to drive the melody which is wonderful. The interplay gives the single a cohesive feeling that pushes you through the soundscape. While packed with rocking tones, emo vibes and punk-rock drive, the melody is extremely easy to slide into and get lost in.

While you ride the movement of the melody, Carlson’s vocals bring more of that nostalgic yet modern tone. His performance runs with emo sensibilities as he pulls you into the tale of a troubled youth. Through the lyrics, the band offers an understanding of the trouble they are getting in and weaves it into the knowledge that this is not really where they want to be. The duality of these emotions is wonderful and perfectly links up with the push and shove of the melody. It is a really engaging punk-rock single that is steeped in the knowledge that the band has a lot more to offer. You can tell that this is just the start for them and that they will have you fully rocking out to their music in no time.

2/14 brings a touch of youth and passion to the moody and emo-tinged tale of troubled youth in ‘Escalator’. The music has a nostalgic tinge that flows into the modern sensibilities of the band. The vocals continue this blend as the lyrics pull you into the duality of emotions that fill the darker times of youth.

Find out more about 2/14 on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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