Annika Jayne – Praying Hands (2020)

Annika Jayne is a folk musician creating heartfelt songs in three languages. She released her first album in 2009 which includes tracks in English and French. Since then, she has released tracks in both languages as well as German. Her latest release ‘Praying Hands’ was recorded in 2016 and continues the quiet sounds that she has become known for.

The inspiration for the song is friendship which is a recurring theme in Jayne’s music. She started writing the song when her best friend was leaving their hometown to live in France. She was looking for a picture to describe how she felt and praying hands reaching out over a distance was the one that came to mind.

‘Praying Hands’ has a very gentle folk opening with only an acoustic guitar. The opening soft melody continues throughout the track giving the song a very soothing tone. The minimalist arrangement accentuates Jaynes vocals and gives the lyrics more impact.

Jayne’s vocals are light and unique weaving through the guitar. As with all her music, you can feel the honesty and emotion she infuses in her songs throughout the performance. The lyrics are beautiful and help you imagine a friendship that lasts without people being physically close.

Annika Jayne tugs are your heart with the soothing infusion that is ‘Praying Hands’. The track is like a gentle breeze softly surrounding you in a light melody and vocals.

Find out more about Annika Jayne on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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