DAAY – Dream Kit (2021)

Originally formed in 2019 by UK-based Alex Barty-King, DAAY has taken many forms before finally landing on the current eight-some. Fusing elements of jazz, indie-rock and pop, the group sounds like a mixture of Jonathan Wilson, Pink Floyd and Sonic Youth. The boldness of vocals mixes eclectically with obscure instrumentation making DAAY something rare and unique. This is not our introduction to DAAY featuring the group a couple of times, but we are not the only ones paying attention to the band. Receiving coverage from New Noise Magazine, Mystic Sons, Lost In The Manner, RGM, Sinusoidal Music and Berlin On Air, the band is reaching audiences on an international level. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is ‘Dream Kit’.

Following their single ‘Little Foot’ (read our review here), ‘Dream Kit’ is a mish-mash of guitars, percussion, drums and an underlying tenor saxophone. Aligning with the concept of “weird musings”, DAAY explores the contexts of the existential experience. Slightly otherworldly in its strangeness, the layers of instrumentation have prominence but come together as an extremely odd whole. In fact, DAAY showcase that oddness in melodies can be harmonic with a contrary distortion. This is a brilliant representation of pure jazz within a rock foundation.

As I mentioned, ‘Dream Kit’ touches on the concept of musings or dreams we experience at night and DAAY offer us a “dream kit” to navigate the, um, situations if you will. Not necessarily an item-by-item kit but rather a shift in attitude to decode the dreams; thus, emerging with “…a better understanding of yourself”. I find this intriguing as the chaotic arrangement has a flow to it and represents the shambled emotions people experience without actually realising it. A bit surreal but definitely intriguing, ‘Dream Kit’ is a song I highly recommend.

For more from DAAY check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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