A Chat with Oozy Woods (08.09.20)

Formed in late-2017, Oozy Woods is an Italian alt-rock band from Bologna, Italy. Fusing elements of grunge with 90’s alternative rock, this foursome has a distinctive, intriguing and rather nostalgic sound. We speak with Oozy Woods about their debut album In Between, future plans and what animal they want to be reincarnated as.

OSR: If you had to define your sound in one sentence what would that be?

Oozy Woods: A sharp and mellow wind that blows in different directions.

OSR: Do you think In Between differs from your other releases?

Oozy Woods: In Between is our debut album. On that note, there are a few songs like ‘Gravity’, ‘Penny’ and ‘Facing the Night’ that carry with them some vibes of our previous project. While others such as ‘Rise’ or ‘Violets’ that saw the light in the middle of our oozy exploration.

OSR: If you could change one thing about In Between what would it be?

Oozy Woods: The album is the final result of a journey that we have made throughout the last two years, so we think that these tracks are a sincere account of this path. Of course, composition is an evolving process, so if we did arrange these songs now we would probably make different choices on the instrumental side. Nevertheless, we are satisfied with the final outcome.

OSR: Can you tell us a bit about the album? What was the concept?

Oozy Woods: We had the idea of linking our music to the paintings made by our drummer. We thought that this union between notes and drawings could be the core concept of our project. As a consequence, every song has got its own particular painting. The title In Between reflects our perspective – a picture of a moment where our four different lives meet at a crossroad in the middle of images, perceptions, colours and emotions.

OSR: Which is your favourite and least favourite track on the album?

Oozy Woods: We really enjoy playing every song of this album. In any case, we reckon ‘Show It To Me’ is a representative song for our project because it was the first one on which we focused after our encounter.

OSR: What message are you trying to get across with In Between?

Oozy Woods: There is not a single message that comes out from this release. The songs are full of images or stories that can be seen from different perspectives. Perhaps it is possible to see as a recurring theme a constant research across experiences and emotions which leads to a kind of journey of self-discovery.

OSR: If you were reincarnated as an animal, what would it be?

Oozy Woods: All in all, we are oozy so we could choose a little bent worm crawling through the woods. Not so attractive, we know, but still an important character from our song ‘Violets’.

OSR: What is the most mischievous thing you have ever done and got away with?

Oozy Woods: Better just don’t reveal it. If we got away the first time, it would be naive making such a mistake.

OSR: What do you have planned for the future?

Oozy Woods: Our first goal is to spread our release as much as possible both through live events and online coverage. At the same time, we are working on new songs which will be in some way different from these first tracks.

OSR: Do you have a message for your fans and potential fans?

Oozy Woods: We truly appreciate all the positive feedback received during these months. It’s a satisfaction to see that this music has finally come to light and that we can share it with anyone who is curious to explore these vibes.

For more from Oozy Woods check out their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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