Hook – I Want To See You Tonight (2022)

Compared to the likes of Neil Young, Arcade Fire, Elvis Costello and Velvet Underground, Irish trio Hook bring a contemporary edginess to old-school indie-rock. Bursting onto the scene with their four-track EP ! in 2020, Hook started sharing their eclectic sound with the masses. Now, approximately two years later, Eoin O’Donnell (vocals and guitar), Danny Spelman (vocals and bass) and Morgan O’Brien (drums) release the hard-hitting single ‘I Want To See You Tonight’. Dive in with us and let’s see what the Irish threesome has for us.

Released as a single but with a slower, steadier track called ‘Caroline’ sliding in the back, ‘I Want To See You Tonight’ showcases Hook’s innovativeness as musicians. Leaning toward the pop-rock sounds of the 90s, ‘I Want To See You Tonight’ opens with a nostalgic Weezer meets Jimmy Eat World design. The combination of dynamic guitars and pounding guitars easily have you dancing about but, as powerful as the melody is it is not too overwhelming wrapping you in a kaleidoscopic sonic blanket.

The melodic instrumentation is moving but it is the vocal execution that adds a profoundness to the song. Although rich and bold, O’Donnell’s vocals have a grittiness that makes the track more intense. Personal narratives touch listeners on a deeper level and really captivate you from the first chord. Effortlessly sliding into your ears, rocking about your brain and shivering down your spine, Hook stands apart from other bands with ‘I Want To See You Tonight’. In fact, as a refreshing breath of air in a stagnating indie music scene the lads prove something original is around every corner. Do we have the next Jimmy Eat World in Hook? Only time will tell.

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