itoldyouiwouldeatyou – Oh Dearism (2018)

itoldyouiwouldeatyou oh dearism album cover
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itoldyouiwouldeatyou are an indie-punk band from the UK.  They consist of Joey Ashworth (vocals), Ollie Grenville (bass), Josh See (guitar), Sean Westall (drums), Alexei Berrow (guitar), Holly Readman (vocals and samples) and Connor Freeman (keys).  Their album Oh Dearism was released today via Alcopop! Records

The album starts with the track ‘earl, king, whatever’, which starts with eerie keyboard sounds.  The vocals kick in and are brilliant, the guitar riffs start and are fantastic, the drumbeat is amazing, and the lyrics are very good.  The track ‘gold rush’ starts with guitar riffs and a drumbeat.  It is very catchy when all the instruments kick in, and the vocals are great with good lyrics.  The keyboard sounds in the background set the whole sound off perfectly.  The song is about being hurt, but it’s all going to be okay.

The track ‘young american’ begins with keyboard sounds and great vocals.  It’s about being a young American, and he sings about being a baby that didn’t cry much and saying how someone loves him, but he’s unsure of how he feels.  The guitar riffs are catchy, and the bass line is nice and strong.  The track ‘almost zero’ has all instruments and vocals start at once which kind of startles you.  The vocals are great, and the lyrics are very catchy, especially the screamo vocals in the background.  The guitar riffs are amazing, the bass line is nice and heavy, and the drumming is fantastic.

The track ‘gathering things together and not dividing them’ starts with keyboard sounds and then the vocals kick in.  The vocals are soothing, especially along with the harmonies of the backing vocals; the high vocals from Holly are fantastic.  The track has violins in which are amazing; the drumbeat kicks in at 2:34 along with guitar riffs.  It’s a very slow song, but it’s still catchy; it does, however, get a bit heavier at 3:22.

The track ‘get terrified’ starts with gentle guitar riffs and drumbeat, the vocals kick in and are great.  It’s a slower rock song than the others with soothing vocals and a strong bass line.  The track ‘craiglockhart’ starts with a gentle sound of guitar and vocals.  It sounds like it’s about someone who is always there for him and calms him down.  It’s a slow, gentle rock song, has brilliant keyboard work and the bass line is strong.  The lyrics and vocals are beautiful, the guitar riffs are amazing, and the drums are great.  It has some screamo vocals in it too, which kind of works with a slow song; I didn’t expect after the screamo lyrics, but then the song picks up to a slightly rockier sound.

The track ‘greek fire’ starts with amazing vocals and guitar riffs, then the drums kick in.  The bass line is great, and it has a heavy rock sound. The lyrics are sung very quickly, but it slows down in places.  The track is quite long at 8:38 minutes, but it has a lot of changes in pace and style that keeps the listener interested.  The track ‘goodbye to all that’ has spoken words at the start which is Joey saying, ‘my name is Joey’.  The singing vocals begin and are amazing.  He has speaking vocals in the song too which makes it fun as it’s like a little story.  It has great guitar riffs, a heavy bass line and epic drums in the background; it’s just absolutely brilliant.

The album has soft rock to hard rock and punk and is definitely worth listening to.  Oh Dearism is available on Spotify. To engage with itoldyouiwouldeatyou, please check out their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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