JDA – I Try (2020)

Everyone has an opinion about things, but there are times when they are unwarranted opinions about your life. These opinions are what JDA is looking at in her new single ‘I Try’. The track considers the unwarranted opinions about the way she looks and lives her life. The honesty and authenticity of her reflection on this helps push the message she is sending to all women who listen.

Using her mellow sound, she offers support and inspiration for anyone feeling dragged down by what others think about them. Not only is this clear in this single, but it is also on full display in her work ethic. Having been shortlisted for Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent 2020, she has not let the pandemic stop her moving forward and addressing everyone with her sound.

‘I Try’ has these sultry tones that grab you from the first moment. There is a smoothness to the melody that combines some classic RnB vibes with jazz and soul. The contemporary soul feeling hits you from the lower levels of the melody while you are drawn into the jazzy undertones through the shuffling drums. The twinkling notes add a sense of vulnerability to the melody.

JDA’s vocals continue the sultry tones of melody as she draws you into the empowering lyrics. There is a mellow flow to her performance that lightly pushes the message of the track. Through her vocals and the lyrics, she empowers those listening and lets you know that what others think does not matter.

JDA uses a combination of RnB, jazz, trip-hop and contemporary soul to address unwarranted opinions in ‘I Try’. Her mellow vocal performance melds with the sultry tones of the melody for a single that you can easily let flow over you.

Find out more about JDA on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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