Katie Melua – Remind Me to forget feat. Simon Goff (2021)

Singer-songwriter Katie Melua has released a new acoustic version of her track ‘Remind Me To Forget’. The singer’s vocals bring richness and comfort to a beautiful track tinged with sadness. It feels like a warm blanket for a heartbroken soul. Slow-paced and soothing, the music floats effortlessly as Melua’s lyrics allude to a romance lost to the seasons of time or one that is “going down in flames” as she sings.

Melua pays tribute to the natural world while the leaves “remind her to forget” and the “silver birches reign”. She sings deeply contemplating and returning to the end of a relationship, “high on who’s to blame”. There is an intimacy to the track, which gives the illusion that you are sitting in a room with Melua while she sings to you and you alone. Melua’s willingness to be vulnerable in her writing is most evident in the line, “it’s so tempting to go out there, feel unprotected, then just say see he left me naked”.

A haunting melody from Grammy award-winning violinist Simon Goff accentuates the deeply personal lyricism. Katie reached out to Simon wanting to collaborate some time ago. She explained, “I’m such a fan of Simon Goff’s music so I got in touch with him to see if he wanted to work on a few projects together. It’s been an absolute honour, he put down the most cinematic, wind-like and earthy violin on ‘Remind Me To Forget’ and it makes me immeasurably proud.”

This new version of ‘Remind Me To Forget’ comes from the singer’s upcoming Acoustic Album No.8, a record that reworks her critically acclaimed Album No.8. The acoustic album distils Melua’s songs to just vocals and guitar, allowing listeners a window into her live performances which often see her strip back her compositions to the barest of necessities and fundamentals. Melua’s sparse finger-picked guitar is delicate and gentle, accommodating her wonderfully angelic vocals. The track is a world away from its grandiose original. It is enchantingly introspective and gorgeously tragic. 

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