Leopard Rays – Time’s A Factor, Kid (2020)

Leopard Rays got us hooked on their sound with the simmering tension of sibling rivalry that is their song ‘Brother‘. Now, they have unleashed a feast of sound with their EP Time’s A Factor, Kid. This four-track EP includes their single ‘Brother’ and three additional songs full of rock riffs and rebellious streaks.

Ranging from anthemic to less youthful calls, the EP keeps you hooked from the first second. Each track uses the band’s crunching sound to get you moving and having fun. You can easily get lost in the EP and listen to it again and again.

The EP opens with ‘Brother’ which is full-on from the very start. The punchy yet catchy track is driving without being too hard. The vocals stand out against the fire of the melody and the rebellious sound of the band hits you in full force.

‘Daydream’ has a grunge feel to it and really hits home with the lyrics. Talking about getting lost in daydreams and nightmares, it has a very anthemic feeling to it. The melody punches through you while the vocals are this fun layer that soars over you. It is very easy to imagine this song flying over a crowd who are getting into the beat.

While ‘Pass You By’ starts with these rebellious and punchy guitar riffs, there is a maturity to this track. The lyrics have a wry acknowledgement of the paradoxical nature of the world right now. The arrangement of the track brings this to the fore as you have slower moments that lead to an almost celebratory crash of sound. While there is this sense of maturity to the track, all the band’s youthful exuberance is on full display in the chorus to get you moving and singing along.

The last and title track is ‘Time’s A Factor, Kid’ which has a much slower vibe to it. This song is more introspective than the others and highlights a different side of the band. The smooth opening is gentle and lures you in with melodic vocals and soft guitars. This new side of the band is wonderful and shows their versatility and musicality. There is something intense about this song from the slower half to the build-up of guitar riffs and abrupt ending.

Leopard Rays showcase their rebellious nature, maturity and a completely new side of their sound in the EP Time’s A Factor, Kid. The four-track EP is full of punchy vocals and captivating guitar riffs. However, there are also soaring vocals with anthemic lyrics and a softer, smoother side to their music.

Find out more about Leopard Rays on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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