Little Miss Higgins – Flock in My Head (2022)

Little Miss Higgins is exploring a different type of sound with her single ‘Flock in My Head’. Part of her The Fire Waltz album, the single uses minimal instrumentation to bring the nuance of the single to life. Stepping firmly out of her comfort zone, she fills the single with unique sounds through the single bass drum beat and a creative use of loops.

Featuring Joanna Miller on drums, the single takes the variety showcased on the album to a new level. The musical project this single belongs to is a multifaceted combination of music and a podcast miniseries inspired by stories told to Little Miss Higgins by her grandmother, Eva Bersay. Through the album, and this single, we follow the riveting tale of an extraordinary woman.

Little Miss Higgins opens ‘Flock in My Head’ with her vocals that flow with an acapella vibe. The pulse of her opening vocals forms the backing for her more melodic main line. The layering of the vocals is wonderful, with the pulsing looped line acting as the flock of birds flying through the sky and calling to each other. The more melodic line is a contemplation that enters your brain as you look up into the sky and see the flock. Through the lyrics, she compares a flock of birds soaring through your brain to the thoughts of a special person who lives rent free in your mind. It is an amazing comparison and brings a poetic life to the thoughts that stick in your head about someone. Overall, the vocals are really gentle as they flow over each other. The melodic vocal line has a lot of power behind it that could rise into the atmosphere at any moment. It is an addictive movement that you can’t stop listening to that will leave you shocked when the single comes to an end.

Beneath the layered vocal performance is a minimalist melody that creates the feeling of wide expanses. The use of a single bass drum beat and sandalwood fan in the melody showcases the creativity of Little Miss Higgins. With this minimalist approach, she crafts an earthy melody that is like a meadow spreading around you as you sit back in the long grass and look at the sky, considering what the lyrics have to say.

Little Miss Higgins combines minimalist instrumentation with acapella layered vocals to draw you into the contemplations of ‘Flock in My Head’. The vocals are the true star of the single as they loop throughout the track and flow with melodic ease. Underneath this is a minimalistic melody of earthy percussion.

Find out more about Little Miss Higgins on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and Spotify.

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