Stephanie Heitz ft Macanto – More than Enough (2022)

Stephanie Heitz has brought us positive messages of self-worth in ‘Fading Away’ and questions about forgiveness in ‘Grace’. She continues to consider self-worth and overcoming negative thoughts through her collaboration with the band Macanto. ‘More than Enough’ combines high energy dance vibes with acid jazz and house music for a thrilling track packed with upliftment.

The collaboration started with an invitation from Macanto band leader Alex Hafezi that Heitz, drawn to the band’s diverse sound, didn’t hesitate in accepting. Both Macanto and Heitz are all about creating positive messages and are open to trying out new things. This has allowed them to create a single that takes the positive vibes to new heights, while combining sounds and styles in new and exciting ways.

‘More Than Enough’ hits you with the collaborative fusion sound from the first moment. There is a funky jazz undertone to the melody, heard through the piano line that rides the waves of the more dance beats. The guitar adds to the acid jazz feeling of the melody’s middle layer while the deep dance tones fill the low levels. You can’t help but move to the music even as the moving beats drop for a cascade of keys. The two layers of tones work so well together, creating a fantastic fusion sound that you never thought would work, but is utter perfection. The beats have you bopping while each instrument gets a chance to shine within the whole of the single. The power of the melody is not only its delightful moving rhythm, but also the showcase of how vastly different styles can come together beautifully.

While the melody gets you moving to the dance acid jazz vibe, Heitz’s vocals lift your spirits and inject positive energy into your veins. Through the verses, she gives you the boost you need to face the world with your head held high. In the chorus, she emphasises that you are more than enough and you shouldn’t let others or your inner demons tell you differently. Her performance adds to the dance vibes of the melody, while getting the mantra of the chorus stuck in your head. There is no way that you can listen to this track and not feel better about everything by the end. You also can’t listen without giving in to the intense urge to move around.

Stephanie Heitz and Macanto join forces to inject positive energy directly into your veins while getting you moving to a fusion of dance and acid jazz in ‘More Than Enough’. The music showcases the ability of both Macanto and Heitz to blend their diverse sounds. Heitz’s vocals add to the dance vibes, while making you feel ready to face anything.

Find out more about Stephanie Heitz on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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