Death of Death – Fire in the Sky (2021)

With their song ‘Fire in the Sky’, Death of Death is joining the ranks of musicians who have created songs about atrocities. Focusing on the Las Vegas shooter who murdered 64 people after firing from his hotel window into a music festival, the single touches on the person and the emotions he left in his wake. With a catchy rock sound, the band wraps a warning into the disbelief of the people who knew the shooter and what they had to say about him.

Born out of the first UK lockdown, Vinny Piana (vocals, guitar, synth) and Ben Jasper (bass) set out to release a song each month with their debut setting the tone for what was to come. With the help of Baz Combes on drums, they explore the madness of the world and take listeners on a quest to find a better and stronger version of who they are.

There is an ominous feeling to the opening of ‘Fire in the Sky’ as the vocals call out from the depths. The warning in the lyrics bolsters the ominous feeling of the vocals that flows into something a bit warmer when the harmonies enter. This dips back down for a rock growl that wraps around lyrics that paint a rather bleak picture. The chorus is a catchy call that leads you to what people have said about the shooter. At this point, the vocals get a punch to them then whisper from the dark. There is an unbelievably dynamic movement to the vocals that are utterly enthralling.

While the vocals easily get you hooked to the single, the melody empowers them and adds a poignancy to the track. The slight warps of the opening lead to foot-tapping drums and strings that bring richness to the melody. In the verses, the guitars thrum in your chest before every element comes together on the chorus to rise into the fiery lyrics. Combined with the vocals, the melody sends shivers through you as you are swept up in the story and emotion of the single.

Death of Death combines dynamic vocal movements with a powerful melody for a sweep of emotions and warnings in ‘Fire in the Sky’. The vocals pull you into the single with an ominous flow that turns into a delightful rock growl. The rich melody enhances the dynamic movement of the vocals and harmonies for a single that sticks with you long after it has ended.

Find out more about Death of Death on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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